Deltek Acumen Fuse & 360 on Nov 16 in Brisbane - Dedicated

Thank you for your interest in Deltek Acumen Fuse & 360 on November 16

This class is no longer accepting new registrations. We encourage you to view other dates on our public schedule.

When is this training taking place?

This class is scheduled to run over the following day(s):
Tuesday, November 16, 2021 8:15 AM - 4:15 PM
Wednesday, November 17, 2021 8:15 AM - 4:15 PM

All times are based on the following time-zone: Australian Eastern Standard Time (Queensland)

Is this class confirmed to run?

This class is not yet confirmed but it will most likely run. Your registration may help us confirm this class.

About Class Confirmation

Where is this training taking place?

This training is taking place in Brisbane - Dedicated.


What is the price for this training?

This training is priced at $ 1740.00 AUD per participant.

We accept payments by credit card (VISA and MasterCard) or by purchase order.

Who is providing this training?

This class is delivered by Prescience Technology.

How is this training usually structured?

Typically we divide the training days into four sessions. Two sessions before lunch, and two sessions after lunch. Between any two sessions, we take a break. Short 15-minute breaks in the morning and the afternoon.

The last hour is usually reserved for questions and answers.

Attendees are encouraged to arrive at least 20 minutes early on the first day of the class and 15 minutes early for the remainder of the training.

What is provided for this training?

For this training, Prescience Technology provides:

  • A take-home copy of the training materials.
  • All equipment required to perform the hands-on parts of this class, including in class PC’s or laptops unless otherwise stated.
  • Refreshments. This usually includes coffee, tea, juices, soft drinks, and water to keep you hydrated.
  • Snacks. This usually includes croissants, bagels, danishes, or other pastry.
  • Food. A selection of food to choose from will be provided at lunch time. This usually includes burgers, sandwiches, wraps, salads, pizzas, etc.

What language is this class taught in?

This class is taught in English.

What am I responsible for?

You are responsible for:

  • Transportation to and from the classroom
  • Arriving to class on time (including from the breaks)
  • Meeting the class prerequisites. See the course page for more info.
  • Please advise if you have any special dietary requirements

Who are your instructors?

Our instructors have superb hands-on technical knowledge and real industry experience. This allows them to guide learners in a way that is practical and provides the context necessary for effective learning.

What is the maximum class size?

This class allows up to 5 participants.

In general, we strive to have an optimal class size, such that:

  • Instructor(s) can provide adequate attention to participants' questions and concerns as well as assist with the practical activities.
  • There are enough participants in the class to create an engaging group-dynamic, which facilitates learning.

Do you have a list of references?

References can be provided on request. Please contact us.


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